Made You Look.

Easy to spot, hard to forget.

Introducing the Herschel Retreat™ Tote, crafted with unmistakable design details.

Herschel Retreat™ Tote

Make a statement on every outing with our newest tote.

Signature magnet fastened strap with metal pin buckle.

Timeless silhouette inspired by vintage mountaineering bags.


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Herschel Retreat™ Backpacks

Pack the essentials in different sizes, colors and fabrics.
Retreat Backpack
From ₱3,395.00 ₱6,790.00 Sale
Forest CamoGargoylePeacoat/Peacoat PlaidSunlight FloralWarm Taupe/BlackShadow FloralDried HerbWatercolour IrisBlack/BlackDye Wash BlackSoft PetalsBlack Crosshatch/Black RubberBlack/Gold RubberHarvest GoldLight PelicanSparrowAsh RoseWarp ButterfliesRaven Crosshatch/BlackChili/Black/Ivy Green/Storm BlueBlack/Greyscale PlaidBluestoneBlack Grid/Gargoyle/Sun OrangeCorkRose BrownCafe CremeHarbour Blue Grid/Black/AmberPeacoat/Pelican+ 25 more
Retreat Mini Backpack
From ₱2,245.00 ₱4,490.00 Sale
SparrowDried HerbCloudburst NeonLight PelicanNeon BlueIn BloomShadow FloralBlack/Chicory CoffeeCorkSoft PetalsDye Wash BlackWatercolour IrisHarvest GoldBlackPaint Pour BlackPeacoat/Chicory CoffeeRose BrownQuail CrosshatchSunlight FloralPortCafe CremeAsh RoseBlack/BlackPorcelain RoseTea RoseWarp Butterflies+ 23 more

Herschel Retreat™ Crossbodies

Go everywhere hands free with crossbodies in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics.

For wherever you’re headed next.