For a World Worth Exploring

What kind of world do you want to explore?

One where snowy mountains are slush and forests are lost to fire? Or one with clear rivers, fresh air and cities that hum with creativity? Everything we do inside our business impacts the world outside it. So, we’re on a journey to do better. Because a world well cared for is a world worth exploring.

Conscious Products

We’re innovating new processes and making products that are kinder to the planet — products that use better materials and free of anything toxic.
image For a lifetime, not a season We make timeless pieces for a lifetime of journeys — designed to be used again and again. Learn more
image Less new plastic clogging up the world In 2021, we launched our Eco collection, using 100% recycled fabrics made from post consumer water bottles diverted from landfill. By 2024, almost all of our bags will be made with recycled fabrics.
image Less waste, more innovation We’re making products using recycled materials diverted from landfill and forest friendly textiles (certified by FSC). We’re trialing QR codes in place of physical product tags and digital samples instead of physical samples. Under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, we’re also working on introducing repair services, so you can take our products on a lifetime of journeys.

Creative Communities

We help Creatives in our community put themselves out there by making sure every person has what they need for their journey, wherever they’re headed.
We've Got Your Back™ Since 2020, we’ve donated care kits and backpacks to thousands of health care workers and school kids in need across North America — 24,000 and counting. Learn More
Supporting Future Creatives
• We fund and mentor emerging creatives from eight schools across the country. Last year we invested $140k to help students explore their potential.

• We invest in female artists with four Art Table fellowships

• Each year we contribute $50,000 to local arts communities

• On Giving Tuesday, a portion of proceeds goes towards art education for youth in under resourced communities

Craftspeople & Supply Chain

A world worth exploring is one where people are treated fairly, at every point in the supply chain. image
• We work with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help redefine the industry across 36 countries • We use the Higg Index Brand & Retail Module plus the Higg Index Facility Tools to promote fair and safe supply chains. We’re getting there — 75% of our business volume will have completed it by the end of 2022 • Since 2015, our manufacturing Code of Conduct and third party facility audits make sure we stay true to our values. Learn More

Company Culture

Solutions live inside people. We empower our team to feel their best so they can bring their best.
A healthy team is a creative team We run meditation, yoga and boxing classes to help our team of thinkers and creatives thrive at work. Mental health is just as important as the physical, so sick leave can be used for both.
Inclusion is non negotiable We prioritize anti oppression and equal opportunity across our business. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee is passionate about making sure everyone belongs, with initiatives such as diversity training and a book club that prompts discussion and discovery amongst team members.

Climate Journey

Cities are getting hotter, ski seasons are getting shorter. We’re ready for our climate journey, because challenges aren’t barriers — they drive creative solutions. A net zero journey starts with knowing where you are
image With our partner South Pole, we’re measuring our carbon footprint and setting Science Based Targets to reduce it.
Taking steps to bring back the cool By the end of 2022, all of our global offices and retail stores will be powered by renewable energy, and we’ll continue innovating lower carbon materials across our product range. There’s a long way to go, but we’re up for the challenge.

Community of Travellers

Meet people around the world who inspire us with their creative pursuits and passions Explore More
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