In a world where every day seems like a race against time, one thing remains certain: our strong desire to define our own journey. Chasing opportunities, putting yourself out there, and discovering & rediscovering your passions–these are all parts of building a life of wonder that you love.

For all of us, most especially to creatives, nothing can be more motivating than being able to express ourselves fully and freely. Life’s greatest moments unfold for those who dare to seek challenges and venture beyond the ordinary. And what better way to practice courage and exercise expression than through art? 

This is why last December 14, Herschel gathered a community of dreamers, artists, and free spirits in its very first Community Huddle Series for a pottery session at Art Caravan BGC. The event aims to put a spotlight on the community’s passion for creativity and celebrate the courage to put oneself out there in pursuit of self-expression.  


Herschel’s Community Huddle Series kicked off with the theme Pottery & Expression, in collaboration with Odangputik Pottery, headed by Filipina ceramic sculptor and ceramicist Ianna Engaño. In the spirit of the holiday season, the atmosphere also buzzed with festive music courtesy of the talented Amiel Aban, setting the vibe for an unforgettable experience.

Guests in the event included a diverse mix of artists, photographers, song writers, lifestyle content creators, media partners, and more—all of whom actively participated in a hand pottery-making process and witnessed their creations gradually come to life. It was a mesmerizing collaboration of clay and imagination, a testament to the limitless possibilities that open when creative space is given to those who yearn for unrestricted expression.

Brace yourselves for a more diverse and dynamic creative experience from Herschel, where creativity has no limits and expression knows no bounds. 

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